Free to be you

One of the coolest things I can remember learning in school, was that every person had a different fingerprint. It still amazes me to this day that every person is marked with a unique print. And the longer I live the more I realize, it is not just our fingerprints that are different, but our personshack-1-of-1-4alities, gifts, interest, etc. Of course there are people we have a lot in common with, but even still, our story of how we got here are still different. And that brings me to my point, which is we all have a unique life and story to live out.

One thing I have struggled with, is being myself and walking my own path in life. I never was one to have a lot of friends, I usually kept to myself and stayed at home. And that was where I loved to be. I would spend time learning new hobbies and creating stuff, but there was always a burning desire to take all of that creativity, and show it to the world.

The issue was, when I finally started to branch out in the world and do the things I always wanted to do, I was introduced to this thing called rejection. Not everybody was on board with my passions and desires, not everyone liked what I had to say, or what I liked to do. I found myself in a weird season, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why nobody liked me, What I was doing wrong? Those were the questions I was asking myself, and as each day went by, I became mentally and physically drained. I wasn’t myself.

Something God has really been showing me, is that in order to effectively influence people, you have to be confident in who you are. In a sense, you have to actually believe in the product you are trying to sell. If you have no confidence in yourself most people will not care to know what is underneath the cover.

I am not saying “just have confidence and everyone will listen to you and jump on board with your way of thinking!” BUT confidence will allow you to influence more people, and not be hurt by the ones that reject you. They will no longer have the power to steal your happiness because they never gave it to you in the first place. That is a forward way of thinking that will allow you to continue in your productivity despite of what others say.

But the thing is, real confidence in the identity  God has given you, does not mean copping an attitude every time someone rejects you.  If you find yourself saying things like, “I don’t need them anyway” you may not really be living in godly confidence. The confidence that God gives is freedom from people. You become a person that is free enough to complement someone that has wronged you, to love someone that hates you. When you have this kind of confidence, you don’t have to talk yourself up every time someone rejects you, instead you just let it roll right past you, because you are truly free.

So how do we get this kind of confidence? Obviously that question deserves a very lengthy explanation. But I believe the best way is to spend time with God and I believe it is that simple.

Listen to His heart, how He feels about you and others around you. Understand that He created you, and gave you your gifts and interest. You have a purpose and calling from heaven that only you can fulfill and it would be a shame to compromise just because someone doesn’t like you.

Do not change for people!

ME: I love Jesus, serving people, friends, lattes, indie rock, photography, hiking. . . you get the point. But that is me, and I will not change that for anyone.

And I am not perfect. I don’t have this thing down by any means. I still have to remind myself that the opinions of people do not matter, rather only what my Father says about me. But there is so much freedom in just knowing you are loved by God, and if you can live with that mind set, confidence will become second nature.








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